New Lawns

We specialise in creating new lawns. We use quality topsoil and turf. Whether it be drought, shade or wear tolerance you require or that show piece ornamental lawn, we can create the perfect lawn for your garden.

lawn mowing and complete lawn care


We offer a one off or regular lawn mowing and edging service.

A regularly cut lawn is one of the most important factors in creating a healthy lawn.


Lawn Treatments

We provide a range of seasonal lawn treatments giving your lawn the nutrients it requires throughout the year to improve your lawns condition.



Scarifying is a process using a machine with vertical cutting blades to remove moss and thatch from the lawn whilst slitting the ground surface allowing air and moisture to penetrate. This process gives grass more breathing space to grow whilst removing unwanted weeds and moss.



Aeration is a process using a machine that spikes the lawn to relieve compaction and allow more air and moisture to reach the grass roots


Top Dressing & overseeding

Top Dressing helps to add more organic material to the rootzone and can help to even out some small hollow in the lawn.

Overseeding is where grass seed is added to an existing lawn to fill gaps after scarification or weed and moss killing or to add some different varieties of grass to you lawn.


Lawn Treatment programme

Hard Landscaping

At Mow & Grow we also under take most Hard Landscaping works from patios, driveways and fencing to bespoke made to order trellis.