Spring Lawn Treatment

Early Spring Lawn Treatment

A granular lawn treatment with a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium kick starts a steady  but not excessive growth giving a great colour and strengthens the grass. A selective herbicide is sprayed to reduce the presence of weeds.

Early Summer Lawn Treatment

Early Summer Treatment

Another slow release fertiliser is applied with a higher nitrogen content and more suitable to the warmer weather conditions. Another dose of selective herbicide is applied to keep any new weeds under control

Late Summer Lawn Treatment

Late Summer Treatment

The fertiliser used depends on how stressed the lawn is at this time of year. Lawns can become very dry, depending on the weather, so it is important that the lawn is given plenty of water periodically as part of your lawns lawn care programme

Autumn Lawn Treatment

Autumn Treatment

A granular fertiliser with both slow release nitrogen and extended release potassium to aid root development and strengthens the lawn ready for winter.


Winter Treatment

Liquid Iron is applied producing a rapid green-up of turf, hardening against winter frost and disease but without producing growth which can be susceptible to turf disease.

Lawn Problems and Lawn Care

Lawn Problems

Whether it be pests,diseases, compaction, excessive thatch or a dry lawn, we can assess the problem and find a solution. Lawn problems will be reduced with regular lawn treatments

Lawn Treatment programme

Year Round Treatment Programme

Our Year Round Treatment Programme of 5  seasonal treatments providing your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to aid strength and healthy growth all year round.

Extra services such as Aeration, Scarification, Top Dressing and Over seeding can be bolted on at a reduced reduced rate

Treatment prices as low as £10

Complete Lawn Care Programme

Our unique Complete Lawn Care Package combines our 5 treatments with a regular Mowing Service allowing you to enjoy a Hassle Free, Cared For, Beautiful Lawn.

We can mow your lawn bi weekly or we offer, our recommended, flexible service where mowing frequency is dependent on seasonal growth.


lawn mowing and complete lawn care