Sowing Grass Seed

Sowing Grass Seed
Good soil contact and constant moisture and even spreading are the three most important things. You can either use a broadcast spreader or spread the seed by hand. It is best to split the amount of seed needed into 2 or 4 equal lots and spread the seed in two directions to get an even spread all over the lawn.
New grass seed needs regular light watering, twice a day for the first couple of weeks and once a day for the next two weeks and then twice a week for the second month. This can be done less frequently if it rains or maybe more if it is very warm weather.
The new grass should start to grow within 2 weeks and should be given its first cut when it is about 5cm tall and be careful to cut the grass when it is dry and be extra careful when turning the mower. Cut the lawn on the high side and gradually reduce the height after about 4 cuts.
Seasonal fertilisers will help the new lawn to establish and be sure to keep the new grass well watered.
You should ideally keep off the new lawn for the first 2 or 3 months at least depending on the species of grass.

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